Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cannibis Cookbook Review

Today I'm going to review my new favorite book, the Cannabis Cookbook by Jim Pilcher (There are a few other books by the same title, but written by different authors).  I ran into this book when I was at Urban Outfitters.  I will admit that the book section is my favorite section of the store, and thumbing through this book made me want it enough to walk out of the store with it without paying.

The Cannabis Cookbook is not just a well put together cook book, but an entertaining guide detailing the Cannabis plant through history.  This book is full of great recipes, but there aren't any measurements for the amount of cannabis to be used.

I didn't have many ingredients around my house so I was stuck making special brownies.  I'm not sure if they tasted spectacular, because while they were getting baked, so was I.


  1. Im guessing it teaches you how to make food with weed?

  2. wish i could get baked right now(!)

  3. I've seen a lot of weed recipes online but almost all of it is baking.

    Can you cook weed in any other way?

  4. Yeah, weed is fat/oil soluble, so you can make weed into oil/butter, then make anything with that weed oil/butter and voila!! But baking is the least time-consuming :3

  5. Next time I'll be sure to take a photo before i devour them all =P